Mountain minnow

Other Mountain minnow Names: Mountain minnow, white cloud mountain minnow

Mountain minnow Scientific Name: Tanichthys albonubes

White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes))

Temperature Range: 62°F-74°F
pH Range: 6-8
Hardness Range: 4-18°

Family: Cyprinidae

Species Type: Cyprinids

Mountain minnow Adult Size: 2 inches (cm)

Mountain minnow Life Expectancy: 7 years

Mountain minnow Habitat: Hong Kong near the White Cloud Mountains in China

Mountain minnow Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

Mountain minnow Temperament: Generally peaceful

Mountain minnow Diet & Nutrition: Flake food and blood worms are a good diet for the minnow. Likes live food such as mosquito larvae. Will keep the mosquito larvae down in outside ponds.

Mountain minnow Description: The base color of the body is usually olive brown to grey. Colors will vary somewhat. There is a stripe that runs the length of the body. There can be red patches on the silver or brown section of the body. The underbelly is white. The fins may be varied but will usually have a red spot on the base of the tail. Often the dorsal fin will be gold with a touch of red around the edges. The male is narrower than the female and has more color. There is a long finned minnow that is harder to raise.

Tank Mate Compatibility: other peaceful species

Mountain minnow Breeding & Spawning: Spawns and lays eggs which will be laid a few at a time. The fry will be hatching as more eggs are being laid. Like to spawn in java moss or similar plants.

Determining Mountain minnow Sex: The male has more color to it than the female. The male is more slender than the female.

Aquarium Region: Prefers the middle of the tank.

Mountain minnow Diseases: None specific to species.

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