DIY Aquarium Projects

Our DIY Projects are reviewed by experienced aquarists to provide you with only the best projects. If you would like to submit a project for our review, please e-mail us with project plans at Your work will be fully credited and we can provide a link to your website if desired. Although we believe all of the information contained in the projects section is accurate and sufficient to build the projects as described, cannot be held liable for any problems experienced as a result of using these designs.

Diy Airstone Projects

Diy Airstone Manifold
Quick And Cheap Do It Yourself Airstone


Diy Aquarium - Other

A Primer On General Aquarium Design
Make Your Aquarium An Endless Aquarium
Simple Diy Brine Shrimp Hatchery


Diy Aquarium Chemistry

Diy Jello Co2 Injector
Diy Yeast Generated Co2 Injector


Diy Aquarium Stand Projects

Building An Aquarium Stand
How To Build A Diy Aquarium Stand


Diy Aquarium Tools Projects

Build A Better Fish Trap
Diy Tool To Drain, Fill And Clean Gravel (similar To Python)
How To Build A Simple Diy Fish Trap


Diy Decoration Projects

Aquascaping An African Cichlid Aquarium
Cave Grotto Aquarium Background
How To Make A Weighted Anchor For Plastic Aquarium Plants
Low Cost Aquarium Substrate
Make Your Own Background From Styrofoam
Make Your Own Diy Aquarium Cave From Pvc Pipe
Quick And Beautiful Diy Fish Cave Made From A Coconut!


Diy Filter Projects

Diy Protein Skimmer From Pvc
Diy Trickle Filter Made From Home Depot Buckets
Make Your Own Fluidized Bed Filter
Make Your Own Sponge Filter
Quick And Easy Wet/dry Filter


Diy Fish Food Projects

Diy Frozen Fish Food
How To Hatch Brine Shrimp
Making A Baby Brine Shrimp Hatchery


Diy Lighting Projects

Diy Compact Fluorescent Lighting For Less Than 20 Bucks!
Odno Lighting


Diy Overflow Projects

Compact Standpipe Design For Hang-on Overflow Boxes
Diy - Skimmerless Overflow
Diy Overflow Box
Diy Overflow Using Only Pvc Pipe
Overflow For Wet/dry Filter Or Sump


Diy Sump Projects

Sump Model F


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