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Blue Kenyi African Cichlid

Welcome to Aquarium Life - A complete source of information on aquariums, aquarium fish and aquarium equipment. We have a wide variety of articles about aquariums, aquarium fish, african cichlids, oscar fish and more. Please feel free to register on our forums to ask questions or just chat with other people who love aquarium life! We are constantly adding new content to enhance the value of our site. We have several projects planned including photo galleries, additional aquarium calculators and an aquarium web cam of Keith Pardee's 90 gallon oscar aquarium. Check back from time to time to see our updates!


Do It Yourself and Save!

Our DIY projects section contains many DIY plans for filters, diy decorations, diy aquarium stands and more. If you are an aquarist on a budget, then the DIY projects can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars! Don't let a budget restraints prevent you from providing your fish with all of the equipment they need to be happy and healthy. Visit our DIY Aquarium Projects section today.


Helpful Aquarium Information and Tools

Aquarium Heater  

Heater Wattage Calculator

This tool is very helpful when calculating how many watts of total heating you need for your tank. This is an advanced tool that accounts for ambient room temperature as well as tank size.

Aquarium Substrate  

Aquarium Substrate Quantity Calculator

This handy tool will tell you how many pounds of substrate to purchase to get a specified substrate thickness for any size aquarium.

Aquarium Fish Profiles  

Aquarium Fish Profiles

We have added an aquarium fish profile database to our website. Species are added daily to the aquarium fish database.

Aquarium Calculator  

Aquarium Capacity Calculator

Have you purchased a used aquarium and never really knew your capacity? Planning on building a custom aquarium and want to know how big it needs to be to hold 300 gallons? Our Aquarium Capacity Calculator can tell you the gallon capacity of your aquarium

Hexagon Calculator  

Hexagonal Aquarium Capacity Calculator

If you have a hexagonal aquarium, try this calculator to compute your hex tank volume.

Fish Quantity  

Aquarium Fish Quantity Estimator

Wondering how many aquarium fish you can fit in a given tank size? Use our handy tool to determine how many 6 inch cichlids you could fit into your 125 gallon tank or how many guppies you could fit in your 29 gallon tank.

Newest Fish and Aquarium Information

How to Photograph Fish

Photographing fish is quite easy as long as you follow a few golden rules. This part of the site is a guide to photographing tank fish in their normal environment - swimming around a tank.


How To Breed Large Cichlids

This is a very difficult subject to write about because it is almost impossible to make statements about such a diverse family of fishes as the cichlidae. I think that the only general fact about them is that they all exercise some form of parental care and most form a male and female pair.


Hillstream Loach

Take a good look at this creature! It doesn't look like a freshwater fish at all! It looks like a reject from the Star Wars cantina scene! Or maybe it looks like one of those sucker creatures from the classic Star Trek television show! Well, set those phasers to "Stun!" This bizarre looking creature is the freshwater creature known as the Hillstream Loach!


Skunk Loach

At first glance, this loach may look like a lot of other loaches. You may think this loach is one of those energetic, peaceful clowns of the aquarium. However, don't let this little loach fool you! While this loach may be energetic and somewhat of a clown, it can also be a fin nipping terror in the tank!


Dwarf Loach

This loach isn't Sleepy! This loach isn't Sneezy! And this loach sure isn't Dopey! However, this loach can be just as entertaining and comical as Snow White's little friends! This loach is one energetic and active aquatic critter! It's also the smallest loach of them all! It's the tiny, energetic, playful dwarf that doesn't belong in a cartoon! It's the Dwarf Loach!


Blue Botia Loach

Let's face it. The time after the holidays is truly depressing! Not only do we have to pay for all of those Christmas gifts we purchased, it also means that most of us won't have another day off from work until May! It's enough to make anyone blue! If you are a freshwater fish hobbyist, take heart! There's hope in the form of a hardy, energetic loach!


Red Bellied Pacu

They are a large freshwater fish with a mouth full of tiny teeth! They will eat anything that looks edible! Heck, they will chew on many things that aren't edible, including gravel and power head wires! Watch your hands when you clean these fish's tank!


Silver Dollar Fish

Tax time has arrived! And like usual, the taxman has taken more than his fair share! A share of your hard earned dollars and cents. However, the taxman can't touch your silver dollars! That's right! Your silver dollars are tax exempt! Now before you start counting up all of your coins, keep in mind that these tax exemptions are of the aquatic variety!


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