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Thank you for taking the time to review our aquarium articles. We at strive to provide you with the best quality content that is both relevant and helpful. Whether you are a novice to aquarium care, or an old pro we think you can benefit from our aquarium fish knowledge database.

African Cichlid Articles: This section of focuses on the african cichlids of lake malawi, lake tanganyika and lake victoria. Some of the other African cichlid species are covered in this area as well. If you have never kept african cichlids, you should definitely consider them as a possible species to be kept. They are some of the most active and colorful freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby.


Aquarium Care Articles: One of the biggest keys to success in aquarium keeping is proper aquarium maintenance and care. The article in this section cover the basics of aquarium care as well as some more advanced aquarium care topics.


Aquarium Hobbyist Articles: General thoughts, ideas and experiences of aquarium hobbyists.


Aquariums For Kids: The focus of these articles is on the benefits of involving children in the hobby of aquarium keeping. These articles are primarily written for parents and educators who wish to involve children with aquariums.


Aquariums Helping People: We decided to write some articles about how aquarium help people with disabilities or people in general. There are many health benefits to aquarium keeping.


Aquatic Plants Articles: Planted tanks are some of the most beautiful aquariums around. A freshwater aquarium with aquatic plants can be absolutely stunning rivaling even the most colorful reef tank.


Beginner Articles: Our aquarium beginner articles are geared towards people who either are interested in keeping fish or have just recently become fish owners. This broad range of topics will cover everything the beginning aquarist needs to know to keep healthy and happy fish.


Decoration Articles: Here you will find our collection of articles about aquarium decoration ideas and techniques.


Ethical Fishkeeping: This will probably be the most controversial section on this site, but it is important to consider certain aspects of fish keeping and whether you are willing to either help stamp out some of the bad practices or support them even if unwittingly.
The pet fish trade like any other is lead by money. And some people in the trade are only interested in the money side of things and are not to bothered if they cause some cruelty if it makes more money. Quite often the purchaser isn't aware of the full story and buys these fish which then encourages the practice to continue.
It isn't my intention to create a balanced argument but merely to expose bad practices both within the fish trade and within the hobby and leave it up to you the individual to decide having been told the whole story. All the various types of fish keeping are in this section.
The best way to avoid making a bad choice is to research before you buy any fish or any other livestock. This advice cannot be over stressed.


Fish Breeding Articles: One of the goals many fish keepers have is to breed their fish successfully. Here we focus on fish breeding in general as well as specific methods of breeding in different fish species.


Fish Diseases Articles: Fish disease can be one of the most challenging aspects to overcome in the aquarium hobby. Not only can fish diseases be difficult to diagnose, but they can be difficult to treat. Our fish diseases section can help you diagnose, treat and prevent fish diseases in your home aquarium.


General Cichlid Articles: As you have probably noticed, cichlids are quite popular here on aquarium life. Because of this, we have several general cichlid articles that pertain to all species of cichlids regardless of geographic location.


Goldfish Articles: The lowly goldfish... They are given away at carnivals, sold by the dozens as feeders at fish stores, and are one of the most interesting and under-rated fish species kept in home aquariums. Read our articles to learn more about this majestic and historic species.


Invertebrate Articles: Snails, crayfish, clams and more! This section is dedicated to all of the freshwater invertebrates kept in home aquariums.


Marine Fish Articles: While Aquariumlife is focused mainly on freshwater fish keeping, we have a small collection of marine fish articles.


Native Fish Articles: When you go to the fish shop and see all of the amazing fish species imported from foreign lands it may make you think that keeping native fish may be a bit of a boring proposition. What you may not realize is that North America has many interesting and beautiful species of fish that are well-suited to aquarium life. This section of Aquariumlife focuses on the keeping of those fish species that are native to North America. Please check with your local laws and regulations before collecting native species from the wild.


New World Cichlid Articles: New World Cichlids is our way of saying cichlids from North America, Central America or South America. Some of the largest and most aggressive cichlids can be found in this region and South American cichlids such as the Oscar Fish are some of the most popular fishes in the aquarium trade.


Pond Care Articles: While aquarium life does focus mostly on keeping fish in little glass boxes, we also have information about keeping fish in holes in the ground. If you have a pond or are thinking about keeping fish in a pond, this is the section for you.

For more information about pond care, please visit


Saltwater Fish Tank Articles: This category provides advice about keeping saltwater fish tanks. This section is designed for the freshwater fish tank enthusiast looking to try out saltwater aquariums or reef tanks.


Terrarium Articles: Yeah, we know a terrarium isn't technically an aquarium, but making a terrarium is one idea for what you could do with an aquarium.


Tropical Fish Articles: This section of Aquarium Life takes an in-depth look at various fish species. This section provides a bit more detail on some of the most popular tropical fish species.