Online Aquarium Tools and Calculators

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Try our new aquarium capacity calculator

The aquarium capacity calculator tool will calculate the number of gallons a given size aquarium will hold and about how much it will weigh when filled!


Hexagonal aquarium capacity calculator

Use this handy tool to estimate the volume and weight of your hex aquarium!


Fish quantity calculator

This useful tool will estimate the number of fish of a given size that can be put into an aquarium of a certain capacity


Aquarium Substrate Quantity Calculator

This handy tool will tell you how many pounds of substrate to purchase to get a specified substrate thickness for any size aquarium.


Heater Wattage Calculator

This tool is very helpful when calculating how many watts of total heating you need for your tank. This is an advanced tool that accounts for ambient room temperature as well as tank size.


Freshwater Compatibility Chart

This chart allows you to see which species of fish are compatible with one another quickly and easily.