About Aquarium Life

Aquariumlife.net is dedicated to the hobby of aquarium keeping. We created this site because of our love of the hobby and to help other aquarists by providing them with accurate and useful information.


The purpose of this website is as follows:


1. Educate new aquarists to help reduce the chance of the death of fish and to increase the liklihood the new aquarist will be successful and enjoy the hobby

2. Preserve valuable information that is found on the Internet. One of the main reasons this website was made was because links to articles that looked really fantastic on other websites were broken because the websites the link led to were no longer in existence. We hope to collect and maintain a database of the most valuable articles and projects to preserve them for future use.

3. To reduce the cost of fish keeping for our users. Many of our DIY projects can save hundreds of dollars.

4. To build a diverse community that all share a love of the aquarium life.


Who created aquariumlife? aquariumlife.net was created by avid aquarist Keith Pardee as a resource for other aquarists.

Why was aquariumlife.net created? aquariumlife.net was created to help all aquarists in the pursuit of knowledge of the hobby. After finding that many links to aquarum articles were broken, we decided to create an online resource to archive all of the fine work of aquarists worldwide.

How do I post images in the forums? To post images in the forums, you must first upload the image to a image host or webserver. Once it is uploaded, you can link to the image by putting the URL of the image in between [img] tags. Example: [img]http://imghost.com/myfile.jpg[/img]

What can I do to support aquariumlife.net? You can help us by sending us links to good articles or DIY projects, participating on the forums or purchasing goods or services from our advertisers.