Clown Synodontis

Other Clown Synodontis Names: Clown Synodontis, Decorated Synodontis, Clown Catfish

Clown Synodontis Scientific Name: Synodontis decorus

Clown Synodontis (Synodontis decorus))

Temperature Range: 72°F-82°F
pH Range: 6.5-7.9
Hardness Range: 5-20°

Family: Mochokidae

Species Type: African Catfish

Clown Synodontis Adult Size: 11 inches (cm)

Clown Synodontis Life Expectancy: 15 years

Clown Synodontis Habitat: African Rivers

Clown Synodontis Minimum Tank Size: 65 gallons

Clown Synodontis Temperament: Peaceful schooling fish

Clown Synodontis Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - Does well with sinking pellets, frozen or freeze dried foods.

Clown Synodontis Description: Caring for this fish is relatively simple. It is very adaptable to water conditions, is not a fussy eater, and will co-exist with all but the smallest of fish. Becuase it grows to a reasonably large size and forages readily, it requires a large tank in excess of 65 gallons. The clown synodontis also prefers to be in groups, for it is a social fish.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Elephant Noses, Baby Whales, African Black Knife Fish, and other Synodontis Catfish are good tank mates. This species is also commonly used in African Cichlid tanks.

Clown Synodontis Breeding & Spawning: No known breeding method in captivity

Determining Clown Synodontis Sex: The only way to sex these fish is by venting them when they are mature. Use caution when doing this, as like most catfish, they have sharp spines in the dorsal and pectoral fins. The males have a rigid genital papillae facing the caudal fin.

Aquarium Region: Bottom.

Clown Synodontis Diseases: None specific to species.

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