Brown Julie

Other Brown Julie Names: Brown Julie

Brown Julie Scientific Name: Julidochromis dickfeldi

Brown Julie (Julidochromis dickfeldi))

Temperature Range: 72°F-79°F
pH Range: 8-8.8
Hardness Range: 10-20°

Family: Cichlidae

Species Type: African Cichlids, Lake Tanganyika

Brown Julie Adult Size: 3 inches (cm)

Brown Julie Life Expectancy: 7 years

Brown Julie Habitat: East African Lake Tanganyika

Brown Julie Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons

Brown Julie Temperament: Territorial and aggressive - especially towards other Julie species.

Brown Julie Diet & Nutrition: Carnivorous - does well with flake food suppliments with frozen foods such as krill or brine shrimp.

Brown Julie Description: Keep this species in a tank with plenty of hiding places, and no other fish from other families. Allow space for males to set up territories. The aquarium should be filled with lots of rockwork that reaches the water surface because in the wild, this fish spends much of its time in rockpiles. DO NOT mix with other Julidochromis species.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other african cichlid species other than Julies

Brown Julie Breeding & Spawning: These egg-depositors will pair up naturally, but will slack off most of the time. They will only guard their fry for a short while in a rearing pit, but after that, no care will be provided.

Determining Brown Julie Sex: Females tend to be larger than males.

Aquarium Region: Middle to bottom of tank

Brown Julie Diseases: None specific to species

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