Paradise Gourami (Macropodus opercularis)

Photo of: Paradise Gourami (Macropodus opercularis)

Scientific Name(s): Macropodus opercularis, Labrus opercularis


Common Name(s): Paradise Gourami, Paradise Fish


Family: Belontiidae


Species Type: Labyrinth Fish


Maximum Size: 2.5 inches


Life Span: 6 years


Natural Habitat: East Asian Swamps


Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons


Tank Region: Middle to top of aquarium


Possible Tank Mates: A good community fish as long as two adult males do not share a tank.


Description: The paradise gourami is a beautiful and intelligent fish. It is available in a variety of colors such as blue, red and albino. The Paradise Gourami is generally a peaceful fish but two males may very well fisght to the death (much like Siamese Fighting Fish). This fish enjoys plenty of cover and does very well with live floating plants.


Temperature Range: 61°F - 80°F



pH Range: 6 - 7.8

pH 5.0
pH 6.0
pH 7.0
pH 8.0
pH 9.0


Hardness Range: 5° - 20°



Breeding Information: An easily bred fish. The fish will build a bubble nest in floating plants. To help induce breeding, provide plenty of floating plants with delicate leaves, raise the water temperature and reduce the water flow and level.


Sexing Information: Males have longer, more brightly colored fins.


Diet: Carivorous - does well with flake or pellet foods.


Temperament: Generally peaceful but two males will fight intensely.


Common Diseases: None specific to species


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