American eel

Other American eel Names: American eel, American freshwater eel, Anguila eel, Common eel, European eel, European freshwater eel, Silver eel, Glass eel, Yellow eel

American eel Scientific Name: Anguilla rostrata

American Freshwater Eel (Anguilla rostrata))

Temperature Range: 40°F-90°F
pH Range: 6.8-8.6
Hardness Range: 15-45°

Family: Anguillidae

Species Type: Freshwater Eels

American eel Adult Size: 42 inches (cm)

American eel Life Expectancy: 40 years

American eel Habitat: North American freshwater streams

American eel Minimum Tank Size: 120 gallons

American eel Temperament: The American Freshwater Eel is not over aggressive to other fish, but may eat fish small enough to fit into it's mouth.

American eel Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - the American Freshwater Eel is not a picky eater. Sinking pellets or frozen foods are a good choice.

American eel Description: This freshwater eel is found all along both North American coastlines. While the eel lives most of it's life in freshwater streams and rivers, it is also able to survive in the ocean. The eel is brown and gold and can reach lengths of up to 40 inches.

It is long and slender with a snake like appearance. Because they are nearly impossible to breed in captivity, the eels found in fish stores are wild caught. These eels are mostly nocturnal, but may come out during the day.

Tank Mate Compatibility: The American Freshwater Eel can live with a variety of tank mates. Just make sure that tank mates are big enough to avoid being eaten.

American eel Breeding & Spawning: Breeding is not possible in a home aquarium setting.

Determining American eel Sex: Females are much larger than males. Females can get as big as 40 inches, while males tend to stay under 22 inches.

Aquarium Region: Bottom

American eel Diseases: None specific to species

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