Madagascar Rainbowfish

Other Madagascar Rainbowfish Names: Madagascar Rainbowfish, Madagascar Rainbow Fish, Zona, Red Tailed Silverside

Madagascar Rainbowfish Scientific Name: Bedotia geayi, Bedotia longianalis, Bedotia tricolor

Madagascar Rainbowfish (Bedotia geayi))

Temperature Range: 68°F-76°F
pH Range: 6.8-7.6
Hardness Range: 10-20°

Family: Belontiidae

Species Type: Rainbowfishes

Madagascar Rainbowfish Adult Size: 5 inches (cm)

Madagascar Rainbowfish Life Expectancy: 6 years

Madagascar Rainbowfish Habitat: African Rivers (Madagascar)

Madagascar Rainbowfish Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

Madagascar Rainbowfish Temperament: Peaceful schooling fish

Madagascar Rainbowfish Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - Does well with floating pellet or flake foods.

Madagascar Rainbowfish Description: Bedotia geayi is a good community fish which likes to live in groups of 6 or more, but is otherwise undemanding. This active fish which inhabits the upper and middle regions of an aquarium should be kept in an 30 gallon tank minimum. A lot of free swimming space, good filtration and well oxygenated water are important to the well-being of the Bedotia geayi. The water should be medium hard and in pristine condition. Frequent(weekly 25%) water changes are required.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other peaceful community fish

Madagascar Rainbowfish Breeding & Spawning: Breeding can be challanging. Pristine water conditions are needed. Spawning occurs early in the morning when the first light from the sun become visible. The madagascar rainbow fish lays large yellow eggs in vegetation near the surface of the water so be sure to provide many floating plants. Incubation takes about 5 to 8 days depending on the temperature of the water. An acceptable range for water temperature is 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Parents are usually not cannibalistic and can be left in the tank with the eggs and young. Feed the newly hatched fry infusoria or artemia nauplii, or other very small foods.

Determining Madagascar Rainbowfish Sex: Males tend to be more colorful than females and have a pointed dorsal fin.

Aquarium Region: Middle to top of tank.

Madagascar Rainbowfish Diseases: None specific to species, but does require very good water quality.

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