Yellow Convict

Other Yellow Convict Names: Yellow Convict

Yellow Convict Scientific Name: Cryptoheros nanoluteus, Archocentrus nanoluteus, Cichlasoma nanoluteus, Heros nanoluteus

Yellow Convict (Cryptoheros nanoluteus))

Temperature Range: 72°F-82°F
pH Range: 7-8
Hardness Range: 5-20°

Family: Cichlidae

Species Type: Central American Cichlids

Yellow Convict Adult Size: 4 inches (cm)

Yellow Convict Life Expectancy: 11 years

Yellow Convict Habitat: Central American rivers

Yellow Convict Minimum Tank Size: 29 gallons

Yellow Convict Temperament: Mildly aggressive and territorial.

Yellow Convict Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - does well with flake or pellet food supplimented with fresh vegetables and frozen meats.

Yellow Convict Description: This is one of the more sensitive species amongst the Cryptoheros genus. The nanoluteus will probably not do well with fish that are more aggressive than they are. These fish would be best kept in pairs along with some small to medium sized livebearers.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other less aggressive cichlids or larger live bearers.

Yellow Convict Breeding & Spawning:

Determining Yellow Convict Sex: Males tend to be larger with a hump on the head and females have a distinctive black circle on the dorsal fin.

Aquarium Region: All over

Yellow Convict Diseases: None specific to species.

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