Gomez's Corydoras

Other Gomez's Corydoras Names: Gomez's Corydoras, Gomez Cory

Gomez's Corydoras Scientific Name: Gomez's Corydoras


Temperature Range: 70°F-80°F
pH Range: 6-8
Hardness Range: 1-25°

Family: Callichthyidae

Species Type: South American Catfish

Gomez's Corydoras Adult Size: 2 inches (cm)

Gomez's Corydoras Life Expectancy: 7 years

Gomez's Corydoras Habitat: South American rivers

Gomez's Corydoras Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

Gomez's Corydoras Temperament: Peaceful

Gomez's Corydoras Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - Gomez's corydoras does well with a diet of sinking pellets and algae wafers supplimented with live foods.

Gomez's Corydoras Description: A rather rare fish in the aquarium industry, Gomez's corydoras is a great little fish, but may be difficult or expensive to obtain. Provide a sandy bottom to prevent barbel erosion. Hiding places are appreciated. Corydoras gomezi will feed on the bottom of the tank eating uneaten food.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Small community fishes. This species likes swim in small groups, so it is best to have at least three.

Gomez's Corydoras Breeding & Spawning: Breeding is not known to have occured in home aquariums

Determining Gomez's Corydoras Sex: Females tend to be quite a bit larger and thicker.

Aquarium Region: Bottom of tank.

Gomez's Corydoras Diseases: None specific to species

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