Skunk Loach

Other Skunk Loach Names: Skunk Loach, Skunk Botia, Mouse Loach, Cream Loach, Horae's Loach

Skunk Loach Scientific Name: Yasuhikotakia morleti, Botia horae

Skunk Loach (Yasuhikotakia morleti))

Temperature Range: 74°F-84°F
pH Range: 6.5-7.8
Hardness Range: 5-15°

Family: Cobitidae

Species Type: Asian Loaches/Catfish

Skunk Loach Adult Size: 4 inches (cm)

Skunk Loach Life Expectancy: 6 years

Skunk Loach Habitat: Asian rivers

Skunk Loach Minimum Tank Size: 29 gallons

Skunk Loach Temperament: Generally peaceful but may be a little shy around humans.

Skunk Loach Diet & Nutrition: Does well with a mixed diet consisting of sinking shrimp pellets, live snails, sinking algae wafers and tubifex worms.

Skunk Loach Description: This peaceful loach has been reported from a very limited number of sources as being semi-agressive in the form of nipping long or flowing fins. This behavior has not been noticed by the majority of loach keepers. Otherwise expect an active though somewhat shy around humans loach. Skunk loaches appreciate tank companions of their own species and will school with other skunk loaches and sometimes other fish in the tank as well. When in a mixed community tank, these fish should be fed at least once nightly to ensure that they are all fed.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other community fish.

Skunk Loach Breeding & Spawning: No known way to breed in captivity.

Determining Skunk Loach Sex: Males tend to be more slender than females. Also females hold eggs which should make them easily distiguisable as adults.

Aquarium Region: Bottom

Skunk Loach Diseases: None specific to species

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