Other Auratus Names: Auratus

Auratus Scientific Name: Melanochromis Auratus

Auratus (Melanochromis Auratus))

Temperature Range: 72°F-82°F
pH Range: 7.5-9
Hardness Range: 10-25°

Family: Cichlidae

Species Type: African Cichlids, Lake Malawi

Auratus Adult Size: 5 inches (cm)

Auratus Life Expectancy: 9 years

Auratus Habitat: East African Lake Malawi

Auratus Minimum Tank Size: 35 gallons

Auratus Temperament: Very aggressive - even for a malawi cichlid

Auratus Diet & Nutrition: Standard Mbuna diet of african cichlid flakes or pellets. Fresh vegetables such as peas and romaine lettuce also compliment the diet.

Auratus Description: Young individuals have females coloring which consists of a golden-yellow base color with three black bands. Each black band had small white stripes running parallel with it. The caudal fin is spotted and the anal, pectoral, and pelvic fins are golden. When the male reaches two inches, he begins to develop mature male colors. The female colors are reversed on the male, making the base body color black with yellow stripes. Sometimes the yellow stripes are turquoise or blue depending on the location where the fish may be found. The caudal fin is black with a few white stripes and the dorsal fin is yellow. The anal, pectoral, and pelvic fins are black and have a white fringe.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other african cichlids of different appearance.

Auratus Breeding & Spawning: Typical malawi mouthbrooder. Breeding is fairly easy as long as male does not kill the females while courting.

Determining Auratus Sex: The males is larger, has more black coloring, and has yellow dummy-eggs on his anal fins

Aquarium Region: All over, territorial

Auratus Diseases: Malawi Bloat - condition deadly to malawi cichlids. It is caused by too much protein in the diet of some cichlids.

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