Other Bream Names: Bream

Bream Scientific Name: Chilotilapia rhoadesii, Chilotilapia rhoadesi

Bream (Chilotilapia rhoadesii))

Temperature Range: 72°F-82°F
pH Range: 7.5-8.5
Hardness Range: 5-15°

Family: Cichlidae

Species Type: African Cichlids, Lake Malawi

Bream Adult Size: 9 inches (cm)

Bream Life Expectancy: 9 years

Bream Habitat: East African Lake Malawi

Bream Minimum Tank Size: 60 gallons

Bream Temperament: Breams are a little territorial but much less aggressive than most african cichlids. They are still from Lake Malawi so they do not make good community fish.

Bream Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - does well with flake or pellet food supplimented by fresh green vegetables and live snails.

Bream Description: Chilotilapia rhoadesii (Bream) should be kept in an aquarium with large caves and other hiding places among large rocks. They prefer a coarse bottom substrate. This species is best kept in groups.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other less aggressive african cichlids

Bream Breeding & Spawning: Breams are mouthbrooders. Keep a ratio of one male to three or more females to avoid any one female being over pursued. The fry are released by the mother after three weeks.

Determining Bream Sex: Males develop a blue head and usually have some blue on their body as well.

Aquarium Region: All over

Bream Diseases: None specific to species

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