Para Pleco

Other Para Pleco Names: Para Pleco

Para Pleco Scientific Name: Peckoltia sabaji, Ancistomus sabaji, Hemiancistrus sabaji

Para Pleco (Peckoltia sabaji))

Temperature Range: 76°F-82°F
pH Range: 6-8
Hardness Range: 5-15°

Family: Loricariidae

Species Type: Plecostomus

Para Pleco Adult Size: 7 inches (cm)

Para Pleco Life Expectancy: 15 years

Para Pleco Habitat: South American Rivers and Streams

Para Pleco Minimum Tank Size: 29 gallons

Para Pleco Temperament: Peaceful community fish

Para Pleco Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - Will eat some meaty foods, but feed algae wafers/flakes/nori. Also include fresh vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, zucchini, pototoes, squash and peas.

Para Pleco Description: A confunsing fish in terms of classification. Belonging, at one time or another, to the genera ancistomus and hemiancistrus, this fish is now regarded by several to be an entirely new genus. As a result of its relatively large range and its radical deviation form standard peckoltia procedure, one might consider the several L numbers making up the species as, in fact, separate species of fish all hailing from a collective, new genus.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other peaceful community fish

Para Pleco Breeding & Spawning: Accomplished, though difficult, or at the very least, uncommon. Hardness appears to be less of a decisive factor than many other loricariids. Details are unknown, however, it is apparent that this species is a cave spawner and does indeed spawn in a similar manner respective to most hypostomi tribe fishes.

Determining Para Pleco Sex: Very difficult to determine sex visually. Males tend to have slightly more orange coloration but this is just a general and unreliable trend.

Aquarium Region: Bottom of tank.

Para Pleco Diseases: None specific to species.

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