Other Anableps Names: Anableps, Four-Eyed Fish, Largescale Foureyes

Anableps Scientific Name: Anableps anableps, Anableps gronovii, Anableps lineatus, Anableps surinamensis, Anableps tetrophthalmus, Cobitis anableps

Anableps (Anableps anableps))

Temperature Range: 74°F-82°F
pH Range: 7-8.4
Hardness Range: 10-25°

Family: Anablepidae

Species Type: Livebearers

Anableps Adult Size: 12 inches (cm)

Anableps Life Expectancy: 6 years

Anableps Habitat: South American estuaries

Anableps Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons

Anableps Temperament: Peaceful schooling fish

Anableps Diet & Nutrition: Carnivorous - prefers live insect type foods but will accept flakes or pellets.

Anableps Description: This fish actually only has two eyes, but each eye is divided for seeing above and underwater. As an insectivore, it benefits from being able to see its prey above water (in fact, it'll jump for them, so keep the tank covered!). Also, it benefits from being able to see predators possibly coming from below. It is best to keep these fish in an aquarium that is not filled up all the way so that you can see them, at least, partially, from above. They do not require a deep tank as they spend the majority of their time at the surface. Also, by filling the aquarium only partially allows some distance between the eyes of these fish and the bright lights of the aquarium.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other larger peaceful fish.

Anableps Breeding & Spawning: These fish are livebearers, and thus practice internal fertilization. The gestation period of these fish is about 8 weeks, depending on the temperature of the water. 10-15 fry are born, that measure 5-7cm. Fry should be moved to their own tank, as the parents have been known to eat them. The fry grow quickly, maturing at 15-20cm and around 8 months.

Determining Anableps Sex: Males have a gonopodium and females are consideraly larger than males.

Aquarium Region: Top

Anableps Diseases: None specific to species

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