Banded Loach

Other Banded Loach Names: Banded Loach, Green Tiger Botia, Zebra Loach, Tiger Loach

Banded Loach Scientific Name: Botia hymenophysa, Cobitis hymenophysa

Banded Loach (Botia hymenophysa))

Temperature Range: 76°F-86°F
pH Range: 6.5-7.6
Hardness Range: 5-15°

Family: Cobitidae

Species Type: Asian Loaches/Catfish

Banded Loach Adult Size: 8.5 inches (cm)

Banded Loach Life Expectancy: 7 years

Banded Loach Habitat: Asian rivers

Banded Loach Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons

Banded Loach Temperament: Generally peaceful but can become aggressive at adult size.

Banded Loach Diet & Nutrition: Carnivorous - does well with flake or pellet foods supplimented with bloodworms, tubifex worms and brine shrimp.

Banded Loach Description: This is an elongated and slender loach with a conical pointed head. Its mouth faces downward and it has three pairs of barbels. Below the eye there is a forked, erectile spine; its length is the same as the diameter of the eye. The upperparts are brownish or yellowish brown and the underparts are pale yellow. The flanks are grayish yellow or gray-green; 11 or more dark transverse bars, which are positioned slightly obliquely, mark the flanks. These bars are separated by narrow pale areas, but they do not reach the belly. The fins are yellowish or greenish; the dorsal and caudal fins have thin dark bands. This rather shy loach can be aggressive. It lives on the bottom, remaining hidden by day but coming out at night to burrow for insect larvae and worms. It can be kept in a tank with a soft substrate and sufficient rocks and roots to provide plenty of hiding-places. The water should be soft, and at least a quarter of it should be replaced every month. As with Hora's Loach, there are no external sex differences. The related Botia berdmorei, up to 10in (25cm) long, comes from Thailand and Burma. It is an elongated loach, similar in shape to B. hymenophysa, and it also has three pairs of barbels. The general coloration is cream or pale yellow. The flanks have 10 or 11 rather indistinct transverse bars-much fainter than in B. hymenophysa- and numerous dark dots and streaks arranged in longitudinal rows. The fins are yellowish. This species, too, has not yet been bred in captivity.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other non aggressive species of similar size.

Banded Loach Breeding & Spawning: No known way to breed in captivity.

Determining Banded Loach Sex: No known way to determine visually.

Aquarium Region: Bottom

Banded Loach Diseases: None specific to species.

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