Whiptail Pleco

Other Whiptail Pleco Names: Whiptail Pleco, Whip Tail Pleco, Whiptail Catfish, Whiptail Plecostomus

Whiptail Pleco Scientific Name: Rineloricaria fallax

Whiptail Pleco (Rineloricaria fallax))

Temperature Range: 64°F-78°F
pH Range: 5.8-7.8
Hardness Range: 10-20°

Family: Loricariidae

Species Type: Plecostomus

Whiptail Pleco Adult Size: 6 inches (cm)

Whiptail Pleco Life Expectancy: 14 years

Whiptail Pleco Habitat: South American Rivers

Whiptail Pleco Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

Whiptail Pleco Temperament: Peaceful and shy

Whiptail Pleco Diet & Nutrition: Herbivorous - feed fresh green vegetables such as zucchini slices, cucmbers slices and romaine lettuce. This species also will take sinking algae wafers.

Whiptail Pleco Description: The whiptail comes from shallow, fast flowing streams, so some water movement is required. Broad leaved plants are recommended and are rarely damaged. Some driftwood is also recommended, but not essential. As with most catfish, the Whiptail is nocturnal. This fish has very strict water requirements so it is not reccomended for beginners.

Tank Mate Compatibility: This species does well in community or semi aggresive tanks.

Whiptail Pleco Breeding & Spawning: Difficult. Perfect water conditions are required, along with plenty of food. Make sure the food is eaten though, as any left to waste will degrade the water quality. A long, shallow (15-25cm deep) breeding tank should be set up, with very fine gravel. Some hollow logs/tubing are essential as the eggs are laid in these and then guarded by the male. The fry are hard to raise, and in their first few weeks should be fed young brine shrimp.

Determining Whiptail Pleco Sex: Males tend to have a more pronounced brush around their mouth.

Aquarium Region: Bottom

Whiptail Pleco Diseases: None specific to species

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