Marbled Hatchetfish

Other Marbled Hatchetfish Names: Marbled Hatchetfish, Marbled Hatchet Fish

Marbled Hatchetfish Scientific Name: Carnegiella strigata, Carnegiella strigata fasciata, Carnegiella strigata marowini, Carnegiella strigata strigata, Carnegiella strigata surinamensis, Carnegiella strigata vesca, Carnegiella vesca, Gasteropelecus fasciatus, Gasteropelecus strigatus

Marbled Hatchetfish (Carnegiella strigata))

Temperature Range: 76°F-82°F
pH Range: 5-8
Hardness Range: 5-20°

Family: Gasteropelecidae

Species Type: Characins (Tetras)

Marbled Hatchetfish Adult Size: 1.5 inches (cm)

Marbled Hatchetfish Life Expectancy: 4 years

Marbled Hatchetfish Habitat: South American rivers

Marbled Hatchetfish Minimum Tank Size: 15 gallons

Marbled Hatchetfish Temperament: Generally a peaceful schooling fish but may eat fry.

Marbled Hatchetfish Diet & Nutrition: Carnivorous - does well with mosquito larvae, fruit flies or flake foods.

Marbled Hatchetfish Description: The Marbled Hatchetfish is generally easy to care for. Prefers a tank with plenty of overhead plant cover.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other peaceful fish.

Marbled Hatchetfish Breeding & Spawning: Breeding may be difficult. A strict diet of fruit flies and mosquito larvae is recommended. Soft water is essential. Some floating plants should be kept in the darkened tank. The eggs are laid on these plants but frequently fall to the bottom. Remove the adults after breeding as they will eat the eggs.

Determining Marbled Hatchetfish Sex: Females tend to be larger.

Aquarium Region: All over.

Marbled Hatchetfish Diseases: None specific to species.

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