Aphyosemion australe

Other Aphyosemion australe Names: Aphyosemion australe, Aphyosemion calliurus australis, Aphysemion australe australe, Haplochilus calliurus australis

Aphyosemion australe Scientific Name: Cape Lopez Lyretail, Chocolate Lyretail

Chocolate Lyretail (Aphyosemion australe))

Temperature Range: 70°F-75°F
pH Range: 5.5-6.8
Hardness Range: 5-15°

Family: Aplocheilidae

Species Type: Killifishes

Aphyosemion australe Adult Size: 2.5 inches (cm)

Aphyosemion australe Life Expectancy: 3 years

Aphyosemion australe Habitat: African lakes

Aphyosemion australe Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

Aphyosemion australe Temperament: Peaceful and skittish

Aphyosemion australe Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous - can live on flake or frozen food, but prefers live foods such as bloodworms.

Aphyosemion australe Description: The chocolate lyretail is a stunning fish with orange, red and yellow markings. The males have long flowing fins and are very brightly colored.

This species is very shy and timid and is not really suited for community tanks. They will often starve from a lack of food because they will not actively compete with community fish for food. For this reason, the chocolate lyretail is best suited for a species only aquarium.

This species will thrive in an environment that has very soft low pH water and fine leaved plants for protection.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Best suited to species own tank.

Aphyosemion australe Breeding & Spawning: This is one of the easier killifish to breed. Make sure that the water conditions are good with very soft low ph water. Feed live food such as mosquito larvae or bloodworms and provide fine leaf plants for them to spawn in. Once the eggs are laid, a separate tank should be set up for the fry to hatch in.

Determining Aphyosemion australe Sex: Males are more colorful with longer flowing fins.

Aquarium Region: Middle of tank.

Aphyosemion australe Diseases: None specific to species

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