Other Swordtail Names: Swordtail, Sword tail

Swordtail Scientific Name: Xiphophorus hellerii. Poecilia helleri, Xiphophorus brevis, Xiphophorus guentheri, Xiphophorus guntheri, Xiphophorus heller, Xiphophorus helleri brevis, Xiphophorus helleri helleri, Xiphophorus helleri strigatus, Xiphophorus hellerii guentheri, Xiphophorus jalapae, Xiphophorus rachovii, Xiphophorus strigatus

Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii))

Temperature Range: 64°F-81°F
pH Range: 7-8.4
Hardness Range: 10-20°

Family: Poeciliidae

Species Type: Livebearers

Swordtail Adult Size: 5 inches (cm)

Swordtail Life Expectancy: 4 years

Swordtail Habitat: Central American streams

Swordtail Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

Swordtail Temperament: Peaceful community fish. This fish lives in schools.

Swordtail Diet & Nutrition: Herbivorous - feed with vegetable based flakes.

Swordtail Description: The swordtail gets its name from the long pointy extension coming from the bottom of it's caudal fin. This is a great community fish and will do well in most mixed communities.

Many varieties of Swordtails are available including: Simpson, with a larger dorsal fin; Wagtail and Tuxedo, with black on its tail and body; and Lyretail, one of the most popular varieties because of its excellent finnage.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other peaceful community fish

Swordtail Breeding & Spawning: Swordtails are quite easy to breed, largely due to the fact they are livebearers. Be sure to provide plentl of floating plants for cover for the babies because the parents WILL eat them. If you want to maximize the survival rate of the babies, they should be moved to a growing tank once they are free swimming.

Determining Swordtail Sex: Sex can be easily determined by the male's modified anal fin (gonopodium) and by the male's long extension on the bottom half of the tail fin. Females tend to grow larger and have a more rounded body.

Aquarium Region: Tends to stick to the top half of the aquarium

Swordtail Diseases: None specific to species

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