Bumblebee Goby

Other Bumblebee Goby Names: Bumblebee Goby, Bumblebee Fish

Bumblebee Goby Scientific Name: Brachygobius xanthozona, Gobius xanthozona, Hypogymnogobius xanthozona, Hypogymnogobius xanthozonus

Bumblebee Goby (Brachygobius xanthozona))

Temperature Range: 74°F-86°F
pH Range: 7.2-8.5
Hardness Range: 8-20°

Family: Gobiidae

Species Type: Freshwater Gobies

Bumblebee Goby Adult Size: 2 inches (cm)

Bumblebee Goby Life Expectancy: 3 years

Bumblebee Goby Habitat: Asian rivers and estuaries.

Bumblebee Goby Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

Bumblebee Goby Temperament: Territorial.

Bumblebee Goby Diet & Nutrition: Carnivorous - feed meaty frozen or live foods. Not all specimens will eat frozen foods, but many will.

Bumblebee Goby Description: This black, orange and yellow striped fish got is named the bumblebee goby because of the vertical black and yellow striped pattern it possesses. It is a small, but active and interesting fish that should entertain any aquarium owner.

The bumblebee goby is a brackish water fish and should have some salt added to the freshwater. Because of this, it is recommended that the bumblebee goby be kept with other brackish water fish.

The bumblebee goby is very territorial, but not over aggressive. It should be provided plenty of places to stake out areas. Rocks, plants, caves and driftwood can all serve this purpose.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other peaceful brackish fish.

Bumblebee Goby Breeding & Spawning: Breeding is very difficult in a home aquarium. If they do breed, they will lay eggs in a cave. Remove fry as soon as they hatch because the parents will consume their own fry. Fry are tiny and must eat very tiny foods such as infusoria.

Determining Bumblebee Goby Sex: No known way to determine visually.

Aquarium Region: Bottom

Bumblebee Goby Diseases: None specific to species

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