White Tail Acei

Other White Tail Acei Names: White Tail Acei

White Tail Acei Scientific Name: Pseudotropheus sp. Acei Ngara

White Tail Acei (Pseudotropheus sp. Acei Ngara))

Temperature Range: 78°F-82°F
pH Range: 7.8-8.6
Hardness Range: 10-12°

Family: Cichlidae

Species Type: African Cichlids, Lake Malawi

White Tail Acei Adult Size: 7 inches (cm)

White Tail Acei Life Expectancy: 8 years

White Tail Acei Habitat: Lake Malawi in Africa

White Tail Acei Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons

White Tail Acei Temperament: Mildly aggressive

White Tail Acei Diet & Nutrition: Omnivorous but prefers lots of vegetation. Java fern, hygrophhila and anubias are taken well. Flake food will be accepted and enjoys the occasional brine shrimp.

White Tail Acei Description: The white tail acei has flat teeth used to get algae from rocks and logs. It is pale blue in color with white fins. Dummy eggs appear on the ventral fins. The male’s spots are brighter than that of the females. Will grow to be 7 inches in length. Males and females are very common in color but the males will be the larger of the two.

Tank Mate Compatibility: Other Mbuna and catfish

White Tail Acei Breeding & Spawning: Mouth brooders, female will not eat while carries eggs and fry in mouth. Will spit the fry out when able to survive on their own. Best to remove the eggs from the females’ mouth and separate since the male is known to bump females causing them to swallow the eggs.

Determining White Tail Acei Sex: Very similar in color but the spots on the ventral fin of the male are brighter and more colorful. The male will usually be longer than the female.

Aquarium Region: Prefers middle and bottom of tank

White Tail Acei Diseases: Malawi Bloat which is caused by protozoan can die within 24-78 hours from onset of disease if not treated quickly. Will cause liver and kidney damage.

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