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Aquarium Fish Quantity Estimator

It is often said that you can tell how many fish to put in your aquarium by making sure that the total number of inches of all of the fish in the aquarium does not exceed the total gallons of the aquarium. The 1 inch of fish per gallon of water rule may work well for guppies, but can you imagine a 12 inch oscar in a 15 gallon tank? Wondering how many fish you can fit in a given tank size? Use our handy tool to determine how many 6 inch cichlids you could fit into your 125 gallon tank or how many guppies you could fit in your 29 gallon tank. This tool accounts for the greater biomass for larger fish species such as oscar fish.


Please input the following measurments in inches for the tank


Length of Fish when Full Grown (inches)
Aquarium Capacity (gallons)

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