Hermit Crab Cages

How big should a hermit crab's habitat be? How many pet hermit crabs should I keep? And how should I set up my hermit crabs habitat? All good questions that we'll cover shortly but before we move on, a quick word to the wise...


Some hermit crab enthusiasts choose to keep only one!! pet hermit crab in a small plastic aquarium, thinking that they have provided their pet with a suitable home. This is not a recommended method of housing hermit crabs. Here's why...


First off, hermit crabs are social creatures and do not do well living just by themselves. Many hermit crabs become very lonely and stressed living on their own in captivity. For this reason, it is extremely important that you have more than one pet hermit crab.


In the wild, hermit crabs live in an environment where they can dig, climb, get wet, keep dry and have lots of room to move around. A small plastic "kit-like" aquarium does not allow a hermit crabs this freedom in captivity. And, many hermit crabs become sick and die prematurely do to improper living conditions.


So, to keep hermit crabs happy and healthy, it's essential that you be sure to keep them in a large aquarium, preferably fifteen to twenty-five gallons. In doing so, you will set up a "sea shore" hermit crab habitat that emulates a natural look, feel and climate.


Combine this approach with the right lighting and set-up, and your pet hermit crabs will be happy, healthy and make excellent pets for years to come!


How should a hermit crabs habitat be set up and what temperature should they be kept at?


Hermit crab cages should emulate a hermit crabs natural environment. So, to make sure that you make your hermit crabs habitat looks and feels like a tropical seashore, here are some things to consider...

In a hermit crabs natural environment, temperatures usually range from about 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Here's some things to consider to keep your hermit crabs habitat in this optimum temperature range...

To help with the setup process, I have included a photo of an excellent hermit crab setup. Please note all of the details including the deep sand bed and measurement gauges.



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