Why Keep Fish?

Kid with a Pet Fish


Fishkeeping is a very popular hobby. But why? What do people find in slimy pets that can't be petted, touched, etc and require a lot of attention? Why get fish, when there are so many other pets?


That's the problems many people face when they think about getting fish. However, if they have success with fish, even for a little while, their opinions about fish will change. They will forget about all of the bad sides, and also find out that bigger fish have personalities. And fish are also very pretty.


Like many others, I got fish because I wanted a pet, but did not want to walk it twice a day - no matter if there is a thunderstorm or gusty winds, a dog still needs to be walked. So, I got some fish, since they seemed to be very easy to take care of and fish were better then nothing. Well, I got tangled up in all this fishy stuff pretty deep, and I enjoy it very much. I find goldfish so pretty and graceful, while tropical fish are fast and colorful. I found that fish are a great stress reliever, looking at them takes away a lot of worries and helps you relax.


Don't think that I keep fish as a living decoration. No. Far from it. Fish are one of the few types of pets that can not be touched, but in that I find some of their good parts. You enjoy fish by caring for them, and that is what's good about them. That's the kind of pets fish are. Caring for them and keeping their tanks is fun, and that, as well as for the entertainment that they provide, is what keep them for. I really like goldfish, and bottom feeders. Bottom feeders are not colorful, and you don't get to see them often, but they are very interesting when you see them. For example, a khuli loach is nocturnal, and most people don't see their khulis most of the time, but I think that the small time you see them is enough to warrant them a place in the tank. They are very interesting fish, and so are all the other varieties of fish.


People usually begin with one small tank, and either quit or keep going. Those that keep going get more and more, bigger and bigger tanks. Why? Because we like fish. It is not easily explainable in words, but almost anyone who can keep fish alive enjoys them. Fishkeeping is a very interesting hobby, and it has captured the hearts of millions. Fish are real pets, even though one can't touch them. Remember that on your next visit to the pet store, and good luck.

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