Mouth Fungus

Mouth Fungus Description

Although this disease is often called a fungus due to it's white cotton-like appearance, it is actually a bacterial infection of the bacterium Chondrococcus columnaris.


Fish Mouth FungusMouth Fungus Symptoms

The sure sign of mouth fungus is the presence of white cotton-like patches on or around the mouth of the infected fish. The initial infection appears as a white or gray line somewhere around the mouth. Eventually the cotton-like tufts will appear and the infection will spread.


Mouth Fungus Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made by the visible presence of the fungus. If a white cotton-like infection is observed near the mouth, then the diagnosis is clear.


Mouth Fungus Treatment

Because this is a bacterial infection, the use of an antibiotic is required. The most effective antibiotic simple penicillin added to the water at 10,000 units per liter. Another effective treatment is the use of chloromycetin administered at a rate of 20mg per liter of water. Both treatments should be repeated after 2 days.

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