Velvet Disease

Velvet disease is caused by parasites. These parasites have a very distinct life cycle. The life cycle is divided into three distinct phases. The first phase is the tomont phase. In the tomont phase, the parasite is resting at the bottom of the aquarium. During this stage, the parasite can multiply. Each tomont can divide into up to 256 tomonts. The second phase is called the motile phase. During this phase, the parasite is free swimming. It is during this phase that the parasite is seeking a fish to host on. The third stage is when the parasite actually infects a host fish. It is during this third stage that the symptoms are visible on the host fish. After feeding on the host fish, the parasite will drop off and begin the life cycle again. Other names for velvet disease are "Gold Dust Disease" or "Rust Disease".


Velvet diseaseVelvet Disease Symptoms


Velvet Disease Treatment

There are multiple medications that will treat velvet. Some of these medications include copper sulfate, malachite green, formalin, methylene blue and acriflavin. Each of these medications can be added directly to the aquarium water. Please read all directions thoroughly and be aware that each of these medications have negative side effects.

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