The Ten Commandments of Fishkeeping

Follow these commandments to be a responsible fishkeeper.

  1. Thou shall not overfeed.
  2. Thou shall not keep a fish is a tank too small for it.
  3. Thou shall learn about the needs of thy fishes.
  4. Thou shall feed his fish according to it's needs and requirements.
  5. Thou shall monitor the water conditions of the tank.
  6. Thou shall not buy any fish unless thou knows about it and is willing and able to take good care of it.
  7. Thou shall provide appropriate food to all of thy fish .
  8. Thou shall not think that scavengers eat wastes and treat them so, instead thy shall feed them with the appropriate food(s).
  9. Thou shall contact the aquaria forums and ask whatever questions thy has.
  10. Thou shall only shop at a pet store thy knows is a good one.

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