The Benefits of Aquariums in the Classroom

Classroom Aquarium

Students looking at the aquarium in my daughter's classroom.


An aquarium can be a great addition to every classroom and a learning tool for children of all ages. Not only does it give students something interesting to look at, it is a great teaching tool. If you already have experience with aquariums, then you can share your knowledge with your students. If you have no aquarium-keeping skills, a classroom aquarium is an excellent place to start and learn right along with the students. Here's a short list of the benefits of having an aquarium in the classroom:


  1. Lesson plans relating to the aquarium can be created for every subject, and be suited to the learning level of all students.
  2. It helps teach responsibility because the fish need to be fed and the water needs maintenance. An aquarium will add more jobs for the classroom that can be rotated so each student helps with the care of the aquarium.
  3. Watching the fish and other aquatic creatures and hearing the sound of the water is soothing and relaxing.
  4. Introducing an aquarium to the classroom exposes students to something unique. Many teachers and parents as well do not keep aquariums. So, some students may never have seen one before and for those that have been around aquariums, no two are alike.
  5. Its presence makes fond memories! Every teacher that goes above and beyond and creates a fascinating classroom will leave a lasting impression on the students that get to experience it.

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