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Dwarf Sucker Catfish (Otocinclus affinis)

Photo of: Dwarf Sucker Catfish (Otocinclus affinis)

Scientific Name(s): Otocinclus affinis


Common Name(s): Dwarf Sucker Catfish, The Oto, Oto Catfish, Otocinclus, Oto, Dwarf Sucking Catfish


Family: Loricariidae


Species Type: South American Catfish


Maximum Size: 2 inches


Life Span: 5 years


Natural Habitat: Natural Habitat is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons


Tank Region: Middle to top of tank.


Possible Tank Mates: Other peaceful community fish


Physical Description: A black line runs from the snout, through the eye, until it reaches the caudal fin. The catfish is dark tan above the line, and light tan below.


Advice for Keeping this Species: Dwarf Sucker Catfish are very harmless fish. They never hurt any fish. They are not too shy around people. When first put into the tank they don't seem to care if you watch them. The disc shaped, sucker mouth which the fish gets its name from is used to cling to glass to eat off any algae. Other surfaces like driftwood, plants, and rocks for example are cleaned by this catfish too. They are constantly searching for food. Occasionally they swim around during feeding time and eat flake food. By mistake they might grab onto another fish. If sinking foods are put into the tank they might not automatically eat it. If they happen to run into it and they like it they will begin to come out for their new treat. If they don't notice new foods, they won't eat it.


Temperature Range: 70°F - 79°F



pH Range: 5.6 - 7.2

pH 5.0
pH 6.0
pH 7.0
pH 8.0
pH 9.0


Hardness Range: 1° - 15°



Breeding Information: Difficult to breed in home aquariums. In the wild, this species lays eggs on plants.


Sexing Information: Males tend to be smaller than females


Diet: Herbivorous - Does well with flake or pellet food supplimented with fresh vegetables.


Temperament: Peaceful schooling community fish.


Common Diseases: None specific to species.


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South American Catfish


Keith Pardee

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