Developmental or Hereditary Diseases

There is a huge variety of issues in this catagory. small gill plates, missing eyes, abnormal colors, unusual fins, loss of swimbladder,and siamese twins just to name a few.
Developmental or Hereditary issues
heavy inbreeding, crossbreeding of certian strains, environmental changes, low oxygen levels or incorrect temperatures, and in some cases the diet of the fish.

For inbreeding: Vary breeding stock.
For crossbreeding: Breed only same species even if crossbreeding is possible.
For Environmental changes: Check for toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, and even household cleaners.
For low oxygen levels: increase surface water movement and add a airstone.
For incorrect temperatures: Find out what temperature the fish you keep requires and adjust the aquarium accordingly.
For poor diet: Feed appropriate food for the species you are keeping.

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