Anchor Worms (Lernaea)

Usually you will see a elongated parasite attached to the body of the fish. Usually a ulcer will develop right where the worm attaches itself creating a location where secondary infections may occur.
Anchor Worm, Lernaea
Most often brought into a aquarium as a host on newly introduced fish or by eggs on new plants. In ponds or outdoor situations it is commonly brought to the area by various hosts.
There are several chemicals on the market for this. Dimilin or metriphonate are just two available. You can also remove them with tweezers and dab the area the worm was attached with a antiseptic to protect from secondary infections. While doing this keep the fish restrained in a soft damp cloth in short periods out of the water.
Lifecycle of parasite the lifecycle of the anchor worm takes 25 days to complete at 20C/68F and even longer at temps below 15C/59F so plan treatments accordingly.

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