Releasing Non-Native Fish

This has little to do with the trade and is all down to irresponsible hobbyist. Who either having become fed up with their fish or through buying a fish that grew too large. These individuals simply go and release it/them into the wild. Some are just glad to be rid of them and others do so reluctantly thinking that they are releasing them to a better life now that they are too big to cope with.
This has caused environmental trouble all over the world. All fish are a part of the eco system where they normally live, they have evolved to fill a niche. They have prey and are preyed upon and a balance is kept. When a fish is placed in a foreign environment one of several things can happen.

Clarias Catfish

  1. The fish will be exposed to new diseases which the native species are almost immune from, and will quickly die.
  2. The temperature range is out of the fishes tolerance level and it will quickly die.
  3. The fish will expose the native fish to a disease that they have no defence against and they will die.
  4. The fish could be predatory and cause havoc in a local area.

This is not just scare mongering, all the following are real examples of what can happen, when fish are released in the wrong place even when it is done with good intention.

In order to keep the hobby in its present fairly unrestricted form everyone connected with it needs to be seen to be acting responsibly and thus avoid the need for further restriction.

Don't buy species that you can't keep as adults.
Never ever release fish into the wild under any circumstances.

Other Ethical Fishkeeping Information