Problems with Micro Tanks

Blue Betta Fish

Ever notice that the world has picked up the motto "Smaller is better!" Nowadays it seems that everything we touch can come in a smaller size and a smaller package. Well when does that motto go to far, how small are we willing to let some things get?

Every time I go to the LFS I have to walk by a display of tiny little bowls setup with a single fish in each, these bowl barely have enough room for the fish to stretch out to full length, let along allowing the fish to turn around or move! People are constantly walking by and tapping on these little jars and the poor fish must endure it as they have no place to hide from the busy commotion.

Another situation is fish tanks used as living pieces of art. These tanks are only a couple inches wide, unfiltered and hung on the wall. Some of them are fortunate enough to be lit others are less fortunate. By there very nature, these tanks are extremely difficult to keep clean. The deep narrow confines of the glass prevent the owner from being able to maintain a clear window for the fish to be seen through. The lack of filtration sentences the fish to a life with poor water quality. The tanks cannot provide for enough cover for the fish when they are stressed.

So, why do people insist that these fish can be kept in such inadequate conditions? Why do people feel the need to have these living pieces of art when they aren't prepared for the responsibility of caring for them? When do we go too far in our quest to dominate nature? Are fish less important because they are relatively easy to come by?

Just because fish can live in a small cramped unfiltered tank does NOT mean that they should be kept in under those conditions. As fish keepers we have the moral responsibility to properly see to our animals needs through proper nutrition, water chemistry, temperature and living space. Having fish in small, unfiltered aquatic tanks is an unnecessary cruelty

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