The Benefits and Pleasures of Fish Keeping

Fish are fascinating creatures. Throughout the day, they move their beautiful fins and show off their brilliantly colored bodies. They lead carefree lives in their blue world weaving in and out of the reeds, nibbling away at forgotten bits of food at the rocky bottoms of the water. It is truly amazing how one can spend hours together admiring the splendid beauty of his/her aquarium.
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Most of the people I know who don't have an aquarium are of the opinion that fish-keeping is a waste of time and money. Little do they know about the benefits of fish-keeping.

Psychologists have proved that watching the movement of fish after a long tiring day will help remove stress and relax the body. Lately, I read that some scientists have even proved that watching the graceful movement of fish is helpful for people who suffer from Parkinson's Disease - don't ask me how!

Eye specialists (opticians) are of the opinion that watching fish is very good for the eyes. It is true...around 5 years back I went for an eye check-up. The doctor asked me to wear glasses. However, my power was a negligible -0.50. It was around then that this hobby had really taken over me. I used to spend between fifteen minutes to an hour looking at my fish. Three months later I stopped wearing glasses and don't wear glasses to date in spite of spending around 3 hours on the computer everyday.

Fish-keeping is quite a popular hobby all over the world. It is simply amazing how one can sit in front of his fish-tank and spend hours together admiring his/her fish. It is mind boggling how we can kill time with this fascinating hobby. Some people like myself get real thrills out of breeding fish, others by seeing their fish grow from the size of 2 inches to giants. I have an uncle who bought a pair of gouramis (we call them giant gouramis here in India) when they were 2 inches long. At the moment each of these fish are 2 feet in length and weigh close to 4 kgs each. One of my friends gets kicks by feeding his piranhas raw meat. Another friend of mine is in love with the elegant and graceful movement of his goldfish. Some people keep 'Discus' because of the beautiful colors they exhibit.

All-in-all tropical fish-keeping is one of the finest and most pleasure giving hobbies one can come across. I do agree that maintenance is a problem but at the end of the day the satisfaction which one gets out of this hobby is worth much more than the trouble taken with setting up and maintenance. Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction, enjoyment, and pleasure derived out of this fascinating hobby.

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